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Why Christians Can't Trust Psychology,Ed Bulkley


Why Christians Can't Trust Psychology (Book/ Paperback)

by Ed Bulkley

Product Overview

Where should Christians go to heal the deep hurts in their hearts? Some say we need the Bible plus psychology; others say the Bible alone is sufficient. Here’s both sides of the issue with biblical answers.

My Challenge
A Pastor’s Dilemma

PART ONE: A Look at the Issues

Christian Counseling Today

PART TWO: The Myths of Psychology

The Myth That Psychology Is Scientific

The Myth That Psychology Is Effective

The Myth That Psychology Is Motivated by Compassion

The Myth of Psychological Labels

The Myth That Psychology Is Trustworthy

The Myth That Psychology Can Heal the Past

PART THREE: Are Psychology and Christianity Compatible?

Psychology and Christianity

Psychology and the Church

Psychology and the Christian Counselor

Psychology and the Bible

PART FOUR: A Biblical Alternative to Psychology

A Biblical Foundation for Counseling

A Biblical Place for Counseling

A Biblical Method for Lasting Change

PART FIVE: Appendices

Appendix A: A Biblical Theory of Psychology
Appendix B: A Special Word for Pastors
Appendix C: Resources
Subject Index

About the Author(s)

Ed Bulkley

Ed Bulkley is the senior pastor of LIFE Fellowship near Denver. He has an extensive counseling ministry, including the national radio and television broadcast “Return to the Word,” and is the author of Only God Can Heal the Wounded Heart. He and his wife, Marlowe, have four children.

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Category: Christian Living

Format: Book (Paperback) (368)

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

Date Published: Jul 01, 1993

Language: English

ISBN: 9781565070264

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