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God and Government: A Biblical, Historical and Constitutional Perspective (Previously Published in 3 Volumes),Gary DeMar


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God and Government: A Biblical, Historical and Constitutional Perspective (Previously Published in 3 Volumes) (Book/ Hardcover)

by Gary DeMar

Product Overview

Nearly forty years ago, amid the rapid dissolution of the American moral fabric after Roe v. Wade, an old truth started gaining new life in America.

It was the truth that had once made America great, but one which she had forgotten—that the Bible is not a collection of disconnected moralisms for private application, but rather a comprehensive guide for all of life, a blueprint for the private and public conduct of all individuals and nations.

In 1982, the three-volume God and Government series fanned the flames of this national worldview awakening, establishing that the character of a nation and its people depends on their relationship with God as revealed in Holy Scripture.

Relying on clear historical and biblical research, author Gary DeMar demonstrated how America had been great and how she could be great again.

The series quickly became a staple in the Christian curriculum. For decades, in the hands of countless teachers, parents, and students, the books educated minds young and old in the Christian history of America, the origin and foundation of government, the biblical principles of authority, and the basis and necessity of Christian political activism.

But the work of reviving America is far from finished, and Americans need to hear—now more than ever—the biblical and historical truths explained in God and Government.

Now thirty years later, American Vision has thoroughly renovated, revised, and updated Gary DeMar’s monumental work into this beautiful one-volume hardback.

With a fresh new look, more images, an extensive subject and scripture index, and an updated bibliography, God and Government is ready to prepare a whole new generation to take on the political and religious battles confronting Christians today.

May it be used in a new awakening of Christians in America—not just to inform minds, but to stimulate action and secure a better tomorrow for our posterity.

Specifications: Hardback, 700+ pages with dozens of carefully selected corresponding images, extensive subject and Scripture index, verified quotes and bibliography

Excerpt: In developing a just judicial system, an unchanging standard of law is fundamental. Such a standard would legislate impartially among rich and poor, the majority and the minority, the weak and the strong, and the small and the great. Justice would not be defined in terms of who can wield the greatest power or make the loudest noise. Justice is an immovable standard that judges between a man and his neighbor: "If a powerful and evil man, class, or group can push an innocent man out of his property, or in any way abuse him, the evil is compounded if they can command the state to help them in their theft . . . The courts must transcend the passions of the day. It must represent a law-order which judges the entire social order, and this is possible only if the judges represent God, not the people or the state." (3) The law should be no respecter of persons. The people, as well as the courts, must act in terms of that immutable higher law, the law of God.

A nation's judicial system rests on law—the law of God or the law of man. There is no neutrality. When man's law prevails we can expect God's law to be invalidated (Mark 7:8, 13). Satan attacked God on the basis of His law: "Indeed, has God said, "'You shall not eat from any tree of the garden?'" (Genesis 3:1). He appealed to Adam and Eve to be a law unto themselves—to "be like God" (v. 5).

(3. Rushdoony, Institutes of Biblical Law, 611.) Page 583

Foreword: "Goethe, the famous German literatus, once aptly observed that the only subject in all of history worthy of consideration was the struggle between faith and unbelief. That struggle is now entering its climacteric in the United States of America. Christian theism and secularist unbelief are locked in a life and death struggle for the soul of this nation. Through the rewriting of history and the use of humanist double- speak, the proponents of disbelief have almost written G

About the Author(s)

Gary DeMar

Gary DeMar is the President of American Vision. Gary is a graduate of Western Michigan University (1973) and earned his M.Div. at Reformed Theological Seminary in 1979. In 2007, he earned his Ph.D. in Christian Intellectual History from Whitefield Theological Seminary. Author of countless essays, news articles, and more than 27 book titles.

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Category: Civics

Format: Book (Hardcover) (786)

Publisher: American Vision

Date Published: Mar 01, 2011

Language: English

ISBN: 9781936577033

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