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Set: To Fell a Tree, Tree Climber's Companion, and Knots at Work,Jeff Jepson


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Set: To Fell a Tree, Tree Climber's Companion, and Knots at Work (Book/ Paperback)

by Jeff Jepson

Product Overview

Get all 3 of Jeff Jepson's informative and helpful books in one convenient collection. These books will give the profesional and aspiring arborist a wealth of knowledge from an experienced teacher. We have put tips and techniques from all three of these books into practice as a family managing our own wooded property.


Many of you know Jeff Jepson from his indispensable book, The Tree Climber's Companion . Now Jeff brings his years of experience and teaching expertise to us with To Fell a Tree . Jeff wrote this book for the professional tree cutter as well as the weekend woodcutter. It's loaded with practical information that's essential to the safety and success of any tree felling and woodcutting operation, whether it's in the forest or the backyard. With step-by-step methods and more than 200 illustrations by artist Bryan Kotwica, topics include preparations before the work begins, felling a tree using a three-step procedure, felling difficult trees, and limbing and bucking the tree. This trade-size paperback is in its second printing and has some minor updates compared to the original. 168 pages

Tree Climber's Companion DESCRIPTION

If there is one book to own for learning proper climbing techniques, this is it. Loaded with information and illustrations on standard and advanced climbing techniques, tools of the trade, rigging, throwline installation as well as a complete section on knots and hitches. For beginners or professional arborists.

2nd Edition, revised and expanded. The International Society of Arboriculture gives this book their thumbs up. Teaches methods of climbing and working safely in trees with a minimum of unnecessary effort and maximum productivity. Illustrated book is recommended for anyone who climbs and works in trees. Includes P.E.P. a systematic approach to tree climbing. Also, tricks of the trade, knots for the climber, equipment and supplies, skill performance sheets, and safety standards. By Jeff Jepson, Certified Arborist and climbing champion.

Worth every penny. 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", 104 pages (50 new pages). Soft Cover.


Knots at Work by Jeff Jepson is a field guide for the modern arborist. In this 184-page field guide, more than 50 different knots are presented. Both aspects of knot knowledge are given equal time - knot construction (tying the knots) and knot application (using the knots). This information can be quickly grasped, because of the lavishly illustrated pages, easy-to-read text, and unique cross-reference format. And because of the book's compact size it’s more likely to be used in the field where it’s needed most.

About the Author(s)

Jeff Jepson

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Category: Home, Travel, & Outdoors

Format: Book (Paperback)

Publisher: Beaver Tree Publishing

Date Published: Jun 01, 2013

Language: English

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