Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation,Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.


Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation (Book/ Paperback)

by Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

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This is the latest printing of Before Jerusalem Fell, which differs from earlier printings by adding a 50 page Preface answering objections by critics.

For centuries scholars have argued over when the book of Revelation was written a few years before or a quarter century after the destruction of Jerusalem in A.D. 70. The most accepted but not the most compelling date is around the time of Domitian (A.D. 95-96), at the end of the first century when John would have been nearly 100 years old. A more compelling date for the writing is during the reign of Nero Caesar, just a few years before Jerusalem's destruction at the hands of the Roman commander Titus.

The evidence for this conclusion is found within the pages of Scripture. The Bible itself tells us when the Book of Revelation was written. We do not have to depend on people who wrote a hundred years or more after the fact to get the accurate story. God's own Word sets the record straight. Through careful and painstaking work, Dr. Gentry deals with all the evidence. He weighs all the arguments.

Roland H. Worth , The Seven Cities of the Apocalypse (1999): "A brilliant book-length defense of the earth date approach."

E. Earle Ellis, writing in The Making of the New Testament Documents (Brill, 1999): "Gentry . . . offers a comprehensive survey of the issues, sources and odern writers."

J. P. M. Sweet (Journal of Theological Studies , Oxford University): "A Thorough study of the primary sources and secondary literature (of all complexions), and demolition of some bad but often repeated arguments for a Domitian date. He makes a strong case for the early external evidence, including that of Irenaeus."

J. Christian Wilson (Professor of Religious Studies, Elon College): "I fear that too many scholars have dismissed the work because of Gentrys self-confessed fundamentalism. Gentry's work on the external evidence is particularly valuable." "Though Gentry and I may be poles apart theologically . . . I think that Gentry's book has the most thorough treatment of the external evidence available. . . . I have been very grateful for his work."

Thomas D. Lea (Criswell Theological Review ): "Presents a strong case for dating the Book of Revelation prior to the destruction of Jerusalem. Gentry has done an impressive job of collecting evidence to support his views. The book is well researched and cogently presented. He has given late-date advocates a challenge for further study."

R. Ludwigson (Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society ): "Exhibits a great deal of research in the writings of the Church fathers, chiefly Irenaeus."

Jay E. Adams (author: The Time Is At Hand ): "Here is a book some of us have been awaiting for years! Now that it is here we can rejoice. Mr. Gentry convincingly demonstrates the fact the Book of Revelation was written, as it in so many ways declares, prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. It should receive a wide reading and ought to rattle many windows."

George W. Knight (author, The Pastoral Epistles: New International Greek Testament Commentary): "A thorough and outstanding statement of the case for the early date of Revelation. The book makes one aware of the evidence from within the book, from early church sources, and surveys the arguments of New Testament scholars of this century and previous centuries concerning the question. No stone is left unturned to resolve the question."

Georg S. Adamsen (The Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus, Denmark): "His critique of the traditional interpretation of Irenaeus cannot easily be rejected."

Steve Gregg, writing in Revelation: Four Views: A Parallel Commentary (Nelson, 1996): "Gentry's arguments, modern sentiments notwithstanding, present a formidable case for the early dating of the Apocalypse. I have encountered not treatment of the dating of Revelation more thorough than his dissertation on the subject."

R. C. Sproul, writing in The Last Days According to Jesus (Baker, 2000

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Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

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