Find the Animal: God Made Something Funny,Penny Reeve


Find the Animal: God Made Something Funny (Book/ Paperback)

by Penny Reeve

Product Overview

What is that? A long loopy tail and a set of sneaky fingers. Join the animal detectives and find out what it is that is hiding in the jungle. He’s noisy and nifty and he’ll make you laugh.

The God who made this unusual animal made the whole wide world for us to enjoy and he is even more amazing than anything he has made!

About the Author(s)

Penny Reeve

Penny grew up as the child of missionaries in Arnhem Land - North Australia, Bangladesh and Papua New Guinea. She enjoyed reading, making cubby houses in the bush, playing imaginary games (she once turned her bedroom into a Hotel at which her mother had to pay to visit!) and going camping. After finishing school she studied to become a primary school teacher and then married her prince charming, Richard Reeve! Penny, Richard and their two children, lived in Pokhara, Nepal, for five amazing years and this was the location and inspiration behind the book Himalayan Adventures. These days Penny lives with her family and two active dogs in Western Sydney, Australia.

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Category: Children

Format: Book (Paperback) (16)

Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

Date Published: Sep 01, 2011

Language: English

ISBN: 9781845506919

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