The Charismatic Gift of Prophecy: A Reformed Response to Wayne Grudem,Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.



The Charismatic Gift of Prophecy: A Reformed Response to Wayne Grudem (Book/ Paperback)

by Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

Product Overview

The charismatic resurgence is experiencing explosive growth in the Church today, not only in America but throughout the world. And as with most explosions disastrous consequences result: negative consequences for the integrity of the Christian witness in the world.

This work analyzes charismatic claims to continuing prophetic revelation in the Church by considering key charismatic texts in Scripture. It carefully analyzes charismatic arguments over against the Scriptures themselves, demonstrating that the gift of prophecy was revelational and ceased with the closing of the canon.

Gentry especially focuses on the work of respected Reformed theologian Wayne Grudem’s book The Gift of Prophecy in the New Testament and Today. Grudem is a thought-provoking, careful scholar whose writings have been influential in promoting charismatic renewal.

Table of Contents

Part I: Exegetical Questions
1. The Prophetic Line
2. Analysis of New Testament Terminology
3. Authority of New Testament Prophets
4. Alleged Negative Passages

Part II: Historical Questions
5. A Survey of Reformed Opinion
6. A Survey of Evangelical Opinion
7. A Survey of John Calvin's Writings

Part III: Ecclesiastical Questions
8. The Westminster Confession of Faith
9. The Presbyterian Church in America

Part IV: Theological Questions
10. The Problem of the "Open Canon"
11. The Problem in the Book of Revelation

About the Author(s)

Kenneth L. Gentry Jr.

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Category: Evangelism & Apologetics

Format: Book (Paperback)

Publisher: Victorius Hope Publishing

Date Published: Jun 01, 1989

Language: English

ISBN: 9780982620625

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