A Christian History of Food & Culture,Joshua Appel, Bill Potter, Chef Francis Foucachon


A Christian History of Food & Culture (CD/ Audio)

by Joshua Appel, Bill Potter, Chef Francis Foucachon

Product Overview

Food in the Bible, the History of Coffee, and More

Food is far more than fuel, as it forms a basis for fellowship and illustrates our core commitments about life. By examining the history of food, we learn what is important to various cultures, and the details are telling: The way a people eats reflects their philosophy on pleasure, social interaction, family life, and even conquest.

In A Christian History of Food and Culture, historian Bill Potter, Professor Joshua Appel, and noted French chef Francis Foucachon give an intriguing and informative survey of the role that food has played in past cultures. You will learn about the history of food as it pertains to warfare, revolutions, feasts and famines, and French cuisine, as well as the epic histories of two world-changing beverages: coffee and tea.

Messages include:

Eat This Book: Lessons from the History of Food in the Bible - Joshua Appel
A History of Feasts and Famines, Blessings and Curses - Bill Potter
On Its Stomach: The History of Keeping Armies in the Field - Bill Potter
Tea: The Leaf That Changed History -- Twice - Bill Potter
Bread: The Food That Ended the Roman Empire and Caused the French Revolution - Bill Potter
Coffee: The Epic History of a Commodity - Joshua Appel
Everything You Wanted to Know about Starting Your Own Restaurant - Chef Francis Foucachon

Over 6 hours on 7 audio CDs.

About the Author(s)

Joshua Appel, Bill Potter, Chef Francis Foucachon

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Category: History

Format: CD (Audio)

Publisher: Vision Forum Ministries

Date Published: Dec 01, 2012

Language: English

ISBN: 9781937460372

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