Light of Life,Sons of Korah


Light of Life (CD/ Audio)

by Sons of Korah

Product Overview

This album, released in May 1999, was the Sons of Korah's first commercially distributed full length album. It has a raw and vibrant sound and features a dynamic and emotionally charged collection of psalms including Psalm 56, Psalm 116, Psalm 93, Psalm 15, Psalm 103, Psalm 6, Psalm 59 and a ballad called 'Its Over Now.'

List of Songs

Track 1: Prelude
Track 2: Psalm 56 (Part 1 - Be merciful to me/ Part 2 - Bring down the
nations/ Part 3 - Record my lament/ Part 4 - Light of life)
Track 3: Psalm 116 (I love the Lord for he has heard me)
Track 4: Psalm 93 (The seas have lifted up) - MP3 Sample
Track 5: Psalm 15 (Who may dwell in Your sanctuary?) - MP3 Sample
Track 6: Psalm 103 (vs 1, 11, 15-17 - Praise the Lord o my soul)
Track 7: Psalm 6 (Part 1 - How long O Lord?/ Part 2 - The Lord has heard me) - MP3 Sample
Track 8: Shelter (Instrumental)
Track 9: Psalm 59 (Part 1 - Deliver Me From My Enemies/ Part 2 - O My Strength I Watch for You/ Part 3 - Return of the Dogs/ Part 4 - O My Strength I Sing to You)
Track 10: It's Over Now

About the Author(s)

Sons of Korah

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Category: Music & Film

Format: CD (Audio)

Publisher: Wordsong Artists

Date Published: May 01, 1999

Language: English

ISBN: 9314730000027

SKU: LT-688

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