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Search Me (CD/ Audio)

by b.morr

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Every now and then you find yourself not knowing what to say. Whether you’re giving a speech, talking to a friend about something really important or just recording an album. You find yourself attempting to stick to the primary purpose without becoming redundant. That’s your aim, anyway. Thus is so for this CD.

You are listening to Search Me, technically the fourth CD from Baltimore based Gospel Rap artist B. Morr. That’d be me. This time, folks, the ride is gonna be a little smoother than Self Denial. The intention of this project, as a whole, is to stick to the theme of glorifying Christ in every area of our lives, but we’re going to attempt to get a little more meticulous with it. Hopefully delve into some areas of life that we don’t particularly think of when we seek to destroy our sin. But we’ll get to that later. Please enjoy the listeners guide as a means to clarify any words that may be slurred or clashing with an instrument in a beat or whatever. As artists, we all must be submissive enough to be held accountable to what we put out for public listening. And so I encourage you – if you’re an artist – to make your lyrics available online so that – well, so that people can know what you’re saying.

On a more personal note, I pray that you seek for the cohesiveness of the album content-wise first and then beat-wise. Many times people make song listings based on where to put the hype songs (typically tracks 2-5), where to put the contemplative songs (typically near the middle/end). So, while that formula is kinda embedded in most of us, my attempt to stray as much as possible from that formula is the album you are about to listen to. Please enjoy.

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Category: Music & Film

Format: CD (Audio)

Publisher: B. Morr Music

Date Published: Apr 14, 2009

Language: English

ISBN: 884501130981

SKU: LT-359

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